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We've created three separate pages pertaining to student service hours.
The first page covers the service hour guidelines. A lot of people are not quite sure what is approved for service hours and what is not. This page was created just for those people!
The second page lists service hour opportunities close to home. This is where students will be able to find opportunities in the Coral Springs area. For example, the City of Coral Springs always has something going on where they could use some student volunteers. The city will be passing that information on to us, and we will post that information on this page for the students and parents.
The third page lists different organizations, throughout Broward, that offer service hours. This is a great page for students who'd like to volunteer doing a certain type of work, as the organizations are arranged according to category. While actual events are not posted on this page, contact information for each organization is posted.
*We're always in need of more service hour opportunities to post. If your organization is approved for and looking student volunteers contact us today!
We've created two pages pertaining to scholarships.
The first page is all about the Bright Futures Scholarship Program. This page covers everything from initial eligibility requirements to scholarship expiration details and more. There is also a direct link on this page for student to go ahead and apply for Bright Futures. Pretty much anything a student or parent wants to know about Bright Futures can be found on this page.
The second page displays other available scholarships from various organizations. This page has direct web links, as well as descriptions, criteria, amounts and deadlines. *We're always looking to add new scholarships. If you've got scholarship information, send it to us to share!
We want to hear from you!
This is a link going to our employment page, Our local business sponsors who advertise on are given unlimited use of this page, and post job openings on a regular basis. This page also allows anybody looking for work in the area to post a "job seeker" listing absolutely free of charge. Most of the job openings posted on this page are jobs that are ideal for students looking to earn some extra cash.
Specific details about each division of the US Armed Forces, which is great information for students looking for money for college, or perhaps students who feel that college may not be the best route for them at this time. You will also find contact information to contact the various recruiters in the local area.
Find information pertaining to youth sports in Coral Springs including sports facilities, as well as league information for baseball, little league, t-t-ball, softball, soccer, basketball, football, cheerleading, lacrosse, bmx and roller hockey. You'll also find sign up dates, phone numbers and web addresses for the groups in charge of each sport and league. *We'd love to post your team's winning season, or anything else you'd like to share! Send us the details!
This page was made just for those of you who are always saying
"there's nothing to do in Coral Springs!"
The truth is, there's plenty of things to do. The problem is that nobody knows where to go for information on this topic, so with the assistance of the city, we're bringing it to you.
All the information a parent could want...
This page will help parents put together a game plan for their children, so they are better prepared for life during and after high school. On this page you'll also find contact information for each of the schools Brace Advisors, as well as links to numerous other resources that can help parents and students.

The Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) in partnership with is looking for exceptional undergraduate students to spend a summer weekend at the seventh annual Monster Diversity Leadership Program (Monster DLP). The Monster DLP is a once in a lifetime experience. In nine locations, 300 of the nation's top students will spend one weekend learning critical career-building skills and meeting new friends in an energetic, fun learning environment.

Do not miss this chance to compete for scholarships and network with top companies for future career opportunities. Applications will be accepted until May 30th . Visit the Monster DLP website,, to apply for your spot at this prestigious leadership conference.

"I am a junior currently attending Coral Glades High.I am a very hardworking student and I have just been accepted to attend Young Entrepreneurs for Leadership and Change summer program at the University of Florida. I give back to the community, I am very involved in school and I help my parents at home as much as I can. I am very passionate about what this program has to offer and attending college as a high school student. I am very excited to participate in this program, but unfortunately it is costly and I am in need of financial aid. Please email me if you can help or if you know of someone that can help. Thank you very much. -Nicole Pineda Email:
Student Central is looking for sponsors!
Stoneman Douglas introduces new PAIRS Program John Congemi - Project Leader

Please visit the PAIRS website
( for detailed information and to learn about PAIRS history ~ one that spans over the past three decades of enriching participants, on every continent, with the tools needed to strengthen life's most significant relationships.

For more information on this program please John Congemi at 954-340-0116 or email


When: Every first Saturday of the month at 7:00 a.m.
Where:Coral Springs International Peace Garden.
The Silent Peace Walk lasts 20 minutes. Participants may join the walking group at anytime. Silence is essential.  This is a non-political and non-religious event.

NEW Coral Springs Car Club

Local teens roll with Car Club concept

Coral Springs teens loved the idea of starting a car club, and they've done just that.

Do you love cars? Would you enjoy contributing your time and skills to a car project?

For more information call 954-345-2200.

CSCUP C.S. College & University Partnership
Broward College, Barry University, and Strayer University come together for residents!
The City of Coral Springs, in conjunction with the Coral Springs Economic Development Foundation, Inc., has coordinated efforts with local colleges and universities to provide degree and non-degree courses within Coral Springs to the residents of northern Broward County.
(more below)
This program, entitled Coral Springs College & University Partnership, was established in 2005 and currently encompasses three partners offering Associates, Bachelors, and Master Degrees as well as continuing education classes: Broward College, Barry University, and Strayer University. Courses currently being offered are:
  • Business
  • Public Administration
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Professional Training
  • Languages

For more information on these and other course offerings, please visit or contact Robyn O'Donnell at 954-796-9922 or email

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