We want to buy your business lunch!
For a limited time, CoralSpringspages.com is buying new advertisers lunch. What's the catch? No catch, we simply know that once you do business with us, you will see that we really are the best value in local advertising. Scroll down to the bottom and contact us today for more information...
From the day CoralSpringspages.com was launched, the idea was simple;
Create an online local business directory that would serve Coral Springs and the surrounding areas, be affordable for all businesses, and level the playing field so that small businesses would get the same exposure as the bigger businesses.
In that same spirit we've added valuable new advertiser features and cut our prices to make it easier than ever for local businesses to get started, and start generating new local customers. And as always there are still no hidden fees or long term commitments of any kind. CoralSpringspages.com has been, and will always be, the most affordable quality advertising available, provided by a trusted and locally owned company.
We're offering you more bang for your buck than any other local advertising source.

Take a look at what we're delivering for only $79 per month [and no hidden extra costs]:

Your own featured business page on CoralSpringspages.com
Each featured business gets their own full page complete with a generous amount of content (text), colorful images, and printable coupons. Each business gets the same page created by the same template, which is just one way we level the playing field for all of our advertising businesses.


Top placement in your business' category
All featured businesses are associated with a category, much like in a phone book. These category pages are also the "entry pages" we market to local consumers. All of our featured businesses share top placement in their category through a random shuffle feature, which is another way we "level the playing field". Follow the link below to view featured dentists, and refresh the page a few times to see how it works.

Local tracking telephone number

Every featured business also receives their own unique tracking telephone number. You will never again have to wonder what amount of exposure or sales calls your advertising is generating. You tell us where your calls should ring through to, and we'll connect your callers to your business, and track every single call for you.

Call recording

Now this is really cool! Unless you prefer not to, we'll record every single inbound call that comes through your tracking number. This will allow you to actually the calls we're generating for you, and screen your employees at the same time. Don't worry, it's perfectly legal and we provide the FCC required introduction to legally record the calls.

Tracking email form

For the "after hours" consumers that would rather email a question than call during the daytime, we also provide an email contact form. When a user sends an email inquiry, the email will be delivered right to your regular email box (such as your AOL or Yahoo! email account), and at the same time a copy of the email will be tracked and stored in our tracking system for your future reference. And for privacy, the consumers will never know your actual email address.

Printable coupons

Every featured business page also has three printable coupons in it. This is another great way to track new sales, and of course stimulate additional business. We will edit your coupons anytime you'd like (at no extra charge), and these coupons are printer friendly, using very little ink when printed. If you choose not to utilize your coupons, we'll "X out" your coupons so that they cannot be printed and altered.

Your business displayed as a sponsor on Coral Springs Student Central

Student Central is a separate section of CoralSpringspages.com created to serve high school students and parents in our local area. Every page of Student Central consists of useful information, as well as links to our featured businesses (or sponsored businesses) on CoralSpringspages.com, which provides our featured businesses with extra exposure to local residents.

Unlimited use of our local employment page
While this may not be as powerful as CareerBuilder.com, this alone is well worth the cost of our advertising! Our featured businesses can post as many help wanted ads as they'd like on our employment page, and each help wanted ad also links back to that business' page on CoralSpringspages.com. This employment page is also linked from every single page on CoralSpringspages.com.


24/7 online account access

We'll also provide you with your own username and password so that you may access all of your calls and emails anytime you'd like. Once logged in you'll be able to view your call log showing all incoming calls, as well as listen to your inbound calls and screen your employees on the phone. You'll also be able to view all customer emails in your account.

The cost to be a featured business is only $79 per month, plus a one time set up fee of $95. This is not an introductory rate, this is your rate every month, and every feature outlined above is included. There are absolutely no hidden fees, overages, or even taxes of any kind; just $79 per month.
No long term commitments
Unlike most other advertising companies, we only require 3 months minimum commitment. All clients are free to cancel anytime after 3 months, and only need to call or email us to do so. We take our business very seriously, and treat our clients with respect. We do not play games with our clients, or intentionally make it difficult for them to cancel their advertising.
Do business with a locally owned and trusted company
CoralSpringspages.com is owned and operated by Bullseye Local Marketing, Inc., located in Coral Springs, FL.
In business since 2004, we are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, have a solid "A" rating, and boast a flawless company record.
We want to earn your business
and prove to you that nobody in the local area offers more value for your advertiser dollar!
Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or to become a featured business on CoralSpringspages.com.
  If we're unable to answer, please leave us a message and we'll return your call in a timely manner.
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